I have a Visual Communications degree, majoring in Photography from UTS Sydney. Following a career in graphic design, I’ve been working as a freelance photographer in Singapore for the past 8 years, specialising in family portraits whilst having 3 kids of my own. I enjoyed it but felt it was time to find something fresh and underwater photography made perfect sense. It combines my passions for photography, particularly people and my love of the water as well as doing something a bit different that many people haven’t seen before. It is challenging and unpredictable and I love it!

I have been scuba diving for about 20 years and dive at every opportunity while travelling. Im fascinated by the underwater world and find it quite meditative. I started taking my compact camera snorkelling or diving and became a PADI qualified underwater photographer about 10 years ago. Now the technology has improved and I’ve invested in the best Ikelite housing and equipment for my Canon 5D Mark iii.

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